Export Action Group

Is there a way to export action groups?

I tried this, Action Group export, but it does not display 'save configuration'


If you save your Mp3tag configuration with File -> Save configuration, the Action Groups are part of the "Mp3tagSettings.zip"-Archive.

Just have a look inside the *.zip file and you will find all of them in the subfolder \data\actions

not really finding File > Save Configuration on Mac

Can you explain why you need this? It would help me in giving further directions.

Sounds like you are thinking of the Windows app. On macOS the process to backup all preferences (including action groups and such) is to open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app), then use this command to export the preferences to the Desktop (you can change the output file name and location to whatever you prefer):

defaults export app.mp3tag.Mp3tag ~/Desktop/Mp3tag.plist

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Perfect. That worked. How do I import it back though?


I'm planning to restore my Mac. But I don't want to lose my preferences

Two things:

  1. If you've made a Time Machine backup or a whole disk backup through some other software, then the plist of your MP3Tag preferences will be backed up as part of that. Here's how that works in case you don't know: Back up your Mac with Time Machine - Apple Support

  2. defaults export app.mp3tag.Mp3tag ~/Desktop/Mp3tag.plist makes a backup of your preferences and (assuming you didn't move the backup file from your desktop) defaults import app.mp3tag.Mp3tag ~/Desktop/Mp3tag.plist will restore the preferences from the backup plist. In other words, just changed export to backup preferences from the app, to import to restore preferences into the app.

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There is also an entry in the Documentation on this: Exporting and importing preferences settings.