Export adds 3 unexpected characters at beginning of output file


Here is a simple example of instructions I am using for exportation


This creates a simple text file with one line per file in directory with just the title printed out.
The issue is that three unexpected characters are added at the very beginning of first line.
See for example the ascii dump of the 1st line of a file I just generated :
0000000 o ; ? K i n d e r t o t e n l i
Same dump in hexadecimal :
0000000 bbef 4bbf 6e69 6564 7472 746f 6e65 696c

These extra characters are just messing up post processing or printing the file.

Any idea how to avoid this ?


Does this 3 character change, if you try it with


As seen in

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ansi is the correct setting. Many thanks !

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