Export all the TAGs to XLS file

Hello everyone.
I looked for an answer here, but I don't think I found it.

I would like to export all the TAGs (no one excluded) of the songs opened in Mp3Tag to an XLS (XLSX) file.

Could you help me?

The standard installation comes with a CSV export script.
Have a look at it and edit according to your needs e.g. to include further fields.

Yes, true, I have seen.
It's a long job but it's not difficult: just understand how to set the syntax of the file.

In my Mp3Tag I configured the COMPILATION field but I didn't find the relative placeholder for the export.
Can you give me a suggestion?
Many tnks.

You find a comprehensive list of supported tag fields in the help:
... and for compilation here: https://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html#TCMP

Further fields that might be of interest you find also in the help in the export topic:

The variable for COMPILATION is %compilation%

thanks for the reply.

I knew those pages you linked: I learned from there how to configure the export function, but I did not find the placeholder for COMPILATION.
Thanks again.