Export and Import Immediately does not work

Hi there.

I'm trying to automatically number (in a serial fashion) all the albums inside a folder.
I'm trying to do it all with just one action.

  1. It will start by exporting a file with a line for each album, in which there is the album number
  2. Then I will need to open it.
  3. I process the info and extract the corresponding number and put it into the correct tag.

Everything is fine and working ... except...
it always picks the previous saved export file (the text file, I mean).
And if I have no file on the folder, although I export first, and only then I import the file, it will complain that there is no file. :frowning: Frustrating...

So apparently, Mp3Tag is not committing the Txt file immediately, but only after the Action finishes, which completely ruins my purpose. :frowning:
I don't know if this is a bug or if it is really meant to work that way, but if it is, in my case, at least, it is awful.
Does any one know of a turnaround for this behaviour? Or perhaps a better and simpler way of numbering my albums without the need to create/export and import a file?


If you are "unsure" if it is a bug, then posting to the Support section may have garnered responses and probably be more appropriate. You may ask a mod to move the topic there.

In general, this could not be a bug as numerous folks here have exported tag info, edited, and re-imported from the edited file with reproducible success. It is constant in my workflow.

In specific, you may want to closely pay attention to the directory used and the file being imported.

Best regards,