export and import of tagdata

Thanks for a great program. It's really a time-saver. I'm especially thankfull for the unicode possibility :slight_smile:

I have a collection of mp3-files ripped with 192 kbps but I want to remake the mp3 files in a better quality (320 kbps). A lot of my files are greek musicfiles and I have had quite a lot of work fixin the tag-data for these files.
So my question is: is it possible to save/export the tag-data from the low quality files - and afterwards load/import these tag-data to my newly ripped high quality files?

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Hi Lars,

you can simply copy and paste the tags via [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V].

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Yes, that possibility is always there. But it would be nice if, just as you can export your tags to a .csv file, you could IMPORT them from such a file :rolleyes: . Is there any possibility of this as a feature for the future?
Otherwise, a great program!

You can import with "Convert > Text file - tag" [Alt+4]