Export and import of the cover image

I would like to export the cover image to a .csv file
Then in a text file to tag converter import this image into another file

I do not think that you can put picture data into a plain text file (which csv is).
You would have to save the pictures into the file system with an action.
If you choose a really unique name like
and the target files have the same data for ARTIST, ALBUM and TITLE, then it should be easy to get the right picture into the right file - again with an action

Well, you can store binary data within a text file as a data: URL, for instance, but maybe, what is really wanted, is the cover image file name.

I do not know any other MP3tag function that deals with pictures than the 2 actions for export and import from the filesystem.
I do not know any function for export scripts that puts binary data into the export file.
The embedded pictures do not have a filename, this filename has to be defined by the user - which is more or less the way I described it.
As I do not know which workflow the OP wants to follow, I cannot help with more details.

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Je vous remercie pour toutes vos réponses