Export and numbering actions

Is it possible to create actions that would do what Export button and Autonumbering Wizard do?

If you do not rely on the resetting to zero for each directory, you can do it with a format Tag-field action for %_counter%.

Format tag-Field TRACK with

Also there is an action called "Export" where you can specify the template and the name of the output.

Thanks, I completely missed the Export action.

As for the numbering, is there a string to number tracks in the form of track/totaltracks?

I am afraid not.
MP3tag does not know how many tracks will come when it carries out an action. It only looks at one file at the time.

And how about another action that would add the number of files that are open in Mp3Tag to track field? Is something like that possible?

After some experimenting I've found a way, using Information Fields and "total_files".
Since I usually work on one album at a time I don't need Autonumbering Wizards's "reset counter for each directory" function.

Action: Format value
Field: TRACK
Format string: %_counter%/%_total_files% (I don't use zero padding in track fields)

Now, am I wrong in thinking that %_max_counter% should have the same effect if I put it instead of %_total_files%? Because when I do that, I don't get any value after /.

Action: Format value
Tag-Field: TRACK
Format string:


... or ...


Example 1
Files loaded in Mp3tag: 8
Selected files: 8
TRACK=01/08 ... TRACK=08/08

Example 2
Files loaded in Mp3tag: 1083
Selected files: 1024
TRACK=0001/1024 ... TRACK=1024/1024


Thanks Detlev, but I don't need such a complicated string. The action I posted in post #6 is good enough for me considering I mostly work with one album at a time.

But my question from that post still remains. Shouldn't the %_max_counter% work the same in the place of %_total_files% in the action from that post?

No, %_max_counter% is only designed for the export tool.