Export as Plaintext Tracklist

Hello MP3Tag,

I wish to create a plaintext tracklist from some freshly cleaned-up files with this format as an example:

  1. Artist - Track Title (0:00)

How do I do this?

Many Thanks in Advance,


$loop(1)%_counter%. %artist% - %title% (%_length%)

I'm afraid I am so new to the software as to be unsure of where this script is properly entered. when I go into Export Configuration and attempt to create a new option, I get a windows prompt asking me to locate a program to use to open/associated with .mte files...

EDIT: i have chosen notepad and am proceeding accordingly

Please select a plain text editor - like Editor.

great! I have now the script functioning.

however, with several directories open pertaining to a single artist, the track numbers are not exported. instead, what ought to be the track number is simply an enumeration of as many files are in the combined directories. to be clear, I would like for the export process to put the track number value at the beginning of each line. does this make sense?

Like e.g.

$loop(%album%)%track%. %artist% - %title% (%_length%)

i used this:

$loop(1)$num(%track%,2). %artist% - %title% (%_length%)

and it worked. learning is fun!

You find more about export, structures and variables in the help

Maybe my answer to this topic can also be what you are looking for...