Export audiobooks

Im trying to figure out how to export my tag information to text or even just my clip board so i can paste it as tags for searches later on like a cloud
I would need album artist narrator publisher year asin (length if that can be done)
Is this possible
I normally type all this in i was hoping this can be done
Audiobook example

Could you show us the corresponding extended tags dialogue so that it becomes clear which field contains which data?

Is this what you need?

I do not see the release date ...

Still, here is a suggestion - see if you can adapt it according to your needs:

By: %composer%
Narrated by: %artist%
Length: %_length%
Release date: %year%
Publisher: %publisher%$loopend()

you are a verified angel, thank you

I should mention, im a verified idiot
what have i done?
verified Idiot

What have you done to get that message?

right click actions
export all tags
which i think goes to audiobook thing you wrote in settings
im guessing thats where i went wrong

You would have to create the export script first.
Press Ctrl-E and then the New button and overwrite everything of the sample script with my suggestion.
Save the script.
Then call it directly or use the action.

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Im so excited
Broughtupsy - Christina Cooke.m4b
By: Alisha Bailey
Narrated by: Christina Cooke, Alisha Bailey
Length: 05:52:21
Release date: 2024
Publisher: Random House AudioChristopher Ryan - Civilized to Death.opus
By: Christopher Ryan
Narrated by: Christopher Ryan, Christopher Ryan
Length: 09:51:30
Release date: 2019
Publisher: Simon & SchusterToobin, Jeffrey -- The Run of His Life.opus
Narrated by: Jeffrey Toobin
Length: 15:23
Release date:
ive only messed up something small

those were books i had loaded under it i just had 3 books on screen
can it do just the one is what i was trying to say

The empty Publisher indicates that there is no field in that file.
The $loop(1) keeps the order of the files as seen in the file list.
The export script exports data for all the selected files.

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I got it thank you
I loaded the books i have to tag
tried ur trick

Fred Pearce - Fallout.m4b
By: Simon Vance
Narrated by: Fred Pearce, Simon Vance
Length: 08:42:45
Release date: 2018
Publisher: Beacon Press

1 little thing that would make this complete copy paste can the #audiobook be in this somewhere

Insert a
somewhere as an extra line in the export script