Export by album, need help


I'm trying to make a simple export to generate a "fake" CDDB, because I want to re-rip my collection and I'd like not to re-enter all titles (I double checked the whole collection for typos and caps yet).
I attached the export configuration. Three little questions:

  1. Why I get syntax error as output?
  2. Can I add a counter so that the DISCID increase (e.g.: ud000000, ud000001, etc.)? Not that important, I will choose the album manually in anyway.
  3. Is it possible to make a variable expression depending various/single artist albums?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the very "newbie" questions.

fakecddb.txt (181 Bytes)


See Mp3tag manual.
Line %$loopend()
should be

See scripting function $puts()

$filename(Test_Loop.txt,ANSI)$loop(1)$puts(my_VAR_%_counter%,$num($mul(%_counter%,$mul(%_counter%,$mul(%_counter%,%_counter%))),10))my_VAR_%_counter% = $get(my_VAR_%_counter%)$char(13)$char(10)$loopend()

Be aware that formatting and prepending of numbers with '0' by $num(x,y) only works for numbers less than 10000.

I do not understand. Please explain in other words.



First of all, thank you. I got something better with your suggestions

  1. works fine now, it was simply a typo, my fault.
  2. I'll check it later, because I must verify if 10.000 is enough :wink:
  3. I try to explain better: the perfect solution would be the following.

DTITLE=Artist / Album
DTITLE01=Song #1
DTITLE02=Song #2

DTITLE01=Artist #1 / Song #1
DTITLE02=Artist #2 / Song #2

Is it possible?

  1. See the attachment: is it possible to sort correctly the tracks WITHOUT changing tags?
    Note that in my collection track numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,... and not 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,... and I'd like to keep them so.

fakedb.txt (4.45 KB)


Make two scripts, one for each category. One script for the group of Single Artists, and the other script for the group of Various Artists.
If you don't like two scripts, then you have to code a $if() function to switch between the categories. Once you have found out how to detect the difference between the two categories, you can use the $if() function to decide what to do on runtime.
Pseudocode: $if ( this is a single artist , then do the work for single artist , else do the work for various artists)

I think you want to 'sort' when exporting to file?
You may use '$loop($num(%track%,2)) ... $loopend()'.
The loop structure will use a two digit tracknumber within the loop, but do not change the actual tracknumber.

Please tell us how you will use the output file/s ('fake cddb') in combination with Mp3tag.
It would be nice to have a workflow sheet to understand what you are doing.



That's the problem, I'll study it :stuck_out_tongue:

That isn't the problem. I don't want to create files to use WITH mp3tag, I'm trying to use mp3tag to create a local CDDB to use with your preferred ripper if you want to re-rip your collection without writing all titles again and/or re-correct all the typos you always download from freedb and you corrected yet. If I work it out, I'll make a little report.


This should no great problem. Look at the %artist% tag, look at the %album% tag, how do you realize that the current file relates to a single artist?
Create a new tag that can hold a special text or symbol to mark the current file as related to the single artist group resp. to the various artist group (e.g. create a new tag 'ArtistType' with values 'S' for single artist and 'V' for various artists, use the new tag: $if($eql(%ArtistType%,'S'),then,else).

Do I understand it right, that you already have built a test scenario that really works e.g. say for audiograbber? Isn't there any restriction regarding filenames or database genre structure ?



You understand it right, but i'm in an early alpha stadium; I'm using EAC but CDDB should be standard. It's a pity I didn't think to store the DISCID somewhere while ripping. I'll think about adding VA tag, I don't like "extra" tags but that one could be useful. Tracks now work great, thanks


Well, I am rather interested how EAC or other rippers could read a CDDB/FREEDB DISCID with format 'ud000000' because 'ud' is no hexadecimal value.
And the second question is how do you create the database genre structure and fill in the disc related files.
Do you support the unix version (one disc per file) or the windows version (a bundle of discs per file)?



It won't, but in EAC you can browse the db and set the disc manually. As I said, I didn't store the discID so I have no choice. When the structure will be completed (if it will be) it shouldn't be so difficult to implement.

I said I'm in an early alpha stadium, EAC has an import function for the local CDDB :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven't chosen yet: the structure in the file is the same except for CR/LF and EAC supports both.


I think at first you should clear the basics, say is EAC able to do what you want.
If this part of your dream runs fine, then you can play with Mp3tag export abilities which might be the easy part.
Do not put the cart before the horse.



I know you're right, but look at the positive side: at worst I'll have learnt better how to use mp3tag export capabilities which, in my opinion, is important too (consider that FOR ME mp3tag id the only tag editor to consider :wink: )