Export by bitrate


Is it possible to create an export that is sorted by bitrate? I'm updating my collection and would like to make a list of all files that are not 320kbs.



Yes, it's possible by using $num(%_bitrate%,4) inside the first loop.


$filename(txt)$loop($num(%_bitrate%,4))%_filename_ext% %_bitrate%

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Thanks for the reply. This prints out all bitrates...I would like to print out everything except 320kbs...am I doing something wrong?

Thanks again.

$filename(txt)$loop($num(%_bitrate%,4))$if($less(%_bitrate%,320),%_filename_ext% %_bitrate%,)


Okay here is the script that I am using

$filename(txt)$loop($num(%album%,4))$if($less(%_bitrate%,320),%artist% - %album% -

My problem is that anything that is 320 is now printed as a blank line. Is there something that I can put in the script to make this not happen?