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Hi, long-time user (many years), first time poster.

I recently started using MP3TAG for exporting also; I have used it for years for tagging. I took some exports I found in these forums, and customized them for my own uses. Many thanks to you experts who posted your export creations! :smiley:

What I can't figure out is how to create a loop that only shows a certain match. I can do loops, and even figured out how to sort the loop. But what if I only want to export if the genre is "XXX"?

Right now, to do this, I have been exporting sorted on genre, then editing the HTML file and deleting all but the genre I want. But surely there is a way to limit the loop to only a specific criteria.

Thanks in advance; I LOVE this program.

Houston TX USA

PS: Here is a link to the pages I have created with exports:


You mean something like this:


If genre equals XXX then return genre else do nothing.


Thanks. Do I put that directly before the LOOP statement? Does it need any closing line, or just that?

I would try it now, but I am at work, and my Mp3Tag is at home . . . :sunglasses:


It doesn't need any closing line.
You can:

  • replace directly with "%genre%" anywhere in code

  • put it inside the loop
    example (simple table):

    $loop(%genre%)$if($eql(%genre%,XXX), ,)$loopend()
    %artist% %genre%


Got it working, THANKS!


Question Part II :music:

How do I make the IF have a multiple choice. In other words, if the GENRE is XX or YY, then...

Thanks! :book:


Mp3tag have great help.
Why don't you read & play with scripting functions it's fun. :slight_smile:


If genre is XX or YY then return genre else do nothing.


Thanks for the help. I actually started reading the scripting functions last night, and found a whole new world of fun! :ph34r:

Many thanks!!