Export - Can't figure it out

Hi all - your knowledge here on this forum is truly appreciated - which is why I turn here.

I have configured my own version of MP3tag with 26 fields in the panel . I've tried every which way including all the methods suggested ( Mp3tagCompleteTags.exe and others) - and still can't get an export of all 26 fields.

I've tried reading the scripting some have issued - can't figure it out.

Please guys, is there no easy way to export a complete HTML or CSV file of all I input? (On some attempts I've been able to export 13 of my 26 fields). Of course I don't expect artwork to convert - but half is not going to do me any good.

Will gladly share my config file with someone who can help. With thanks and gratitude,


It would have been nice to see that attempt as it would be much easier to start any further assistance from there.

You can take the default CSV export script and adapt it to your needs i.e. delete all the field references to fields that you don't use and add all the field variables that are missing to complete your list of the 26 fields.
You find the names of the variables in the column definition in "Value". You could copy&paste them from there (each individually).

Also, there is the special command $list() for exports that dumps all user-editable fields to the export output file. But as I don't know whether you only have user-editable fields or also read-only properties in the columns, I cannot tell whether you would be satisfied with this.

Thanks so much, ohrenkino, for your reply. I know the csv is editable, but what I need is a speedy way to export all my 26 tabs from the tag panel into the csv. My tag panels is different than most - we have fields that are pertinent to the music publishing business and for whatever reason, not all of these fields get exported. For example, MOOD, STYLE, IRSC, ISWC, export. Yet others, such as DURATION, UPC, or MASTER OWNER (fields we built into the tag panel) don't show on export.

I don't know enough about 'special command $list()' or anything coding-wise - I had enough difficulty with what I did so far.

Could we take this conversation into private email? I'm sure the community isn't interested and can't benefit from my particular problem. I don't know what the community rules are in sharing private emails, but I'm getting desperate to solve this problem. Or do you have another suggestion?
Thank you,

this is a simple export script using the $list() function.
Create a new export and overwrite the preset code with this example and see what it does for you.


very grateful for your help.

Am locating that file now, will try send. As for the script - I don't know where thatt goes/how to implement.
Let me do this first, tank you again. I'm very grateful.

It would be nice if you could also have a look at the help on export:

It should not be too difficult to create a new export script via
and then paste my example so that it overwrites the preset code text.

I;ve read that article - it is difficult for me to comprehend (wish I could explain that better to you - and why).
The export script you suggested works in a way but it makes one very messy csv. (I think I figured out how to upload the output to you - could you tell me please if you can receive?)Processing: New export file.csv... Nope. Not allowed to upload.

Please delete your email again.
I know what the $list() output looks like.
It is no csv format - but a list ...
BUT: you could check the output whether it shows all the fields that you were looking for.
If there are fields missing, it could be that you let the file list show properties that cannot be written by MP3tag (e.g. the length of a track).