export configuration file - dano tweak


let me start by saying a couple things:

  1. i LOVE this program

  2. i have no idea what i'm doing... LOL

that said i really like the html_dano_albumlist_js_ex export config template but didn't have much use for the individual song info. my primary interest is in tracking my artist/album collection.

that said i made a couple of tweak to dano's. i probably didn't do it right at all... but it seems to be working well. the only difference really is that i changed the colors and made it so that you only get the artist and albums (and not the songs). the songs are still parsed (i think) because i wasn't sure how to remove this without jacking the template. all i did was remove the link to expand the album.

i hope this was okay for me to do and share!


html_jkeats_albumlist_js_ex.zip (1.62 KB)


i forgot to ask/mention -

if someone can help me out with the removal of the song info altogether, i'm guessing it would result in a much smaller html file. that would be nice and would be something i'd be interested in.


I can do it, it's not such a big work, but I think that you must ask dano for this.


Just help him if you can.


I hope thats it and that you'll like it.
I am working new export file with your inspiration, check out Beta

~ milka


sorry for the delay... i finally got around to testing this out.

it didn't work. it did exactly what it was doing for me when i first tried editing this... which is the following:

when you click on an artist name (who say, has 4 albums), the expanded artist shows an album for each song for that artist. so lets say there's an albums titled "CD1" "CD2" "CD3" and "CD4", each with 3 songs each, the display looks like this:

when what i'm trying to get is

it would seem that removing the parsing of the individuals files messes something up with the album parsing.

can anyone help?



Did you tried milkaArtist_Album01_html_artist_list.zip?
Can you post screenshot of Mp3tag so that I can see paths and working directory of your files.
Than i can help you.

~ milka


I'm at school right now so cannot say for sure, but you should use something like $loop(%field%,1). I think that should do the trick.


It's not just one loop...

JKeats, check out your ID3 tag's, you must have same album name in all tracks for each directory!

~ milka