Export configuration for .m3u file without #EXTINF

I'm trying to find an export configuration to export my selected files as an M3U playlist , but without #EXTINF references.

Can someone advise on this?

Grateful for any advice.


Here is a thread with an export script for a playlist:

As the export scripts are plain text files, you can edit the export script for your purposes, e.g. delete EXTINF


Ok thanks for getting back.

I do understand that I could go through and delete each EXTINF reference in every m3u , but with large files and over time , I thought it would be expeditious to find a neat code to avoid generating them in the first place.


That is more or less what I meant with


$loop(1)%_length_seconds%,%artist% - %title%

Yoo edit the export script and delete the extinf there. Then you call the export script and it should generate the list.
But as such a file does not lool like a good playlist any more - what do you really want to do with the output and does this ouput really meet your requirements or is it just a first approach?


Many thanks for your advice. I'm finding no joy unfortunately. I thought it would be more straightforward to generate a simple m3u with no EXTINF references. At any rate I'll keep trying.


The MP3tag function to create playlists tries to follow the standard.
Your problem is no standard problem but, alas, there is an alternative function: the export.
Where do you have problems to create an export script that contains the suggested code?


I think it's my technical abilities , I'm afraid. I'm not sufficiently versed in coding to find a successful outcome yet. In effect , I want to generate a basic m3u file for my selected files by using the export function but I'm struggling to find a working code.


Press Ctrl+E to open the Export list.
Click on the "New" button to get a new Export script - you have to enter a name, perhaps "Simple playlist".
The windows Editor will open with a sample script - which you won't need.
So: Select all the text in editor and delete it.
Copy the following code

$loop(1)%_length_seconds%,%artist% - %title%

and paste it into the export script editor window.
Save the script and close the editor.
Select the new export script in the list of export scripts and click OK.
The playlist will be generated from the selected files.
Check the playlist file which should be in the current work directory and see if that is the way you want it.

Simple alternative without script: use a word processor or a text editor

An MRU playlist is a text file. You most likely have a word processor that will do the job nicely with a simple find and replace all operation. Open the playlist as a Text file. Then do a Find on "#EXTINF:". Then Replace All with "". Then do a Save As to an ASCII text file . After saving, edit the file extension to *.mru from *.txt.

@Doug_Mackie: You don't even need a word processor for this task. Every simple text editor like the free Notepad++ can do that.
Or is "word processor" a synonym for text editor?

I thought that it was the purpose of this export script to avoid any further processing, as mentioned in this post:

Good point. I should have said "word processor or text editor". I corrected my post above.

OK thanks for your help. It's working now , so that is very pleasing.

This is the code that runs correctly and produce the m3u with no EXTINF


Grateful for your help.


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