Export configuration - is it possible?


:flushed: - Please excuse my ignorance - :flushed:

First of all let me complement you on this great software. I have been using it for about a month now and it has saved me to be able to tag my music and be able to access it logically :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Second: I have seen some of the export mte's available and they are great ... you can create good html code using them but it is difficult for me to understand the coding so I am not able to customize freely for myself so I would like to ask if this is possible before I spend alot of time on it :ph34r:

I notice that the newer mte files have java script in them ... does it have to be java? can you use VB script?

My folder structure is not as neat as I would like it but all of my tags are clean. It would be a massive project to try and fix the nested folders that are contained within my dir structure. (over 5000 tracks) If I have to do it I will. BUT im looking to create an MTE that will do this :
Sort by artist in the html

      Then in the subdirectory have the albums available by artist.
             Then have the subdirectory contain the tracks for that album.

Is it possible to querry and create that way?
If so this software would be the missing link that I am looking for! That coupled with the hyperlink extension that points directly to the file location wow! that would make it complete ... then we can work on the pretty stuff. HEHEHEE :wink:

     Florian - Congrats on a great piece of software. Any help would be great.
     Dano - Nice work with the MTE's that you have created - any help would be great!

TO all :::: Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! :santa: :w00t: :santa: :w00t: :santa:

  1. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. JS or VBS? I don't know, you can put in whatever you want. But I don't know about VBS and I think JS is much more common and understood by more browsers.

  3. If all tags are correct, you could move all files to the root folder and then rename them with "Tag-Filename" with a sheme like %artist%\%album%\%track% - %title% or a more complex one. To get all files to the root folder of your collection you can use "Tag-Filename" with just \%_filename%

  4. I don't know what you mean with subdirectories in html.

  5. Florian's html_newexport does the kind of sorting you want.


The JavaScript usage is not bound to MP3Tag. You can of course embed JavaScript, Flash, VBScript, Java Applets... Notice that VBScript however is supported by Internet Explorer only. JavaScript on the other hand is understood by Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Konqueror...


Thanks for the input.
With the little knowledge that I have of JavaScript I am doing my best to thumb through this. I am making some progress and will hopefully have this completed by the end of the weekend. I am a Fedora Core user as well so I did not want to code in VB if I could avoid it :smiley:
I will post the MTE here with a sample when it is complete. Unfortunately none of the other MTE's do what I need them to do. But we should be able to work through this.
Everyone B safe the next couple of hours!
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:frowning: HELP HELP PLEASE!

   Hopefully someone who knows Javascript and HTML can take a look at this and let me know where I am going wrong .... I have a multitude of problems that I am not sure how to fix without going to straight html .. or vbs. 
   ..... But I'm close ... so close.
   Original issue : Subfolders > subfolders > subfolders < All of them do not reflect proper album artist names. ID3 tags do. 
    Found a way to export all information by tags vs directory or folder name. While still maintaining a hot link to the file.  SUCCESS!!!  :astonished: 
    Help !

#1 I know that there is an issue anytime that a " ' " is used in the album name. Javascript sees it as a statement not context. Any other ideas how to sort the information without using album names? Is there a way that I can start a counter at 5000 for the albums and artist's counter starts at 001? Ideas please ... or even easier ... not use " ' "'s in album titles!
#2 When I export the list the only album that is hidden is the first one ... or I can make it that only the first one shows ... or that all of the albums show with no way to "hide" them under the artist. When all of the albums are displayed the track listings work fine.(pending no apostrophe problem) But the artist link only wants to open first album ... ideas? Is there a way to have artist minimize all albums and tracks below that level?

You can look at some of the path's on the tracks and see the full path to the files/folders and how that corresponds to the information that is exported.
Any help or ideas would be wonderful. I am attaching the html and mte file along with this post. If you play around in the html you can see the apparent problems ... Once again this is not pretty yet ... function before display!
Many thanks to everyone who gives it a shot - Based off of Dano's Albumlist MTE.

~cheers~ ~schneig~

SOCLOSE.mte (3.55 KB)

soclosepost.html (172 KB)


#1 You can just replace the ' chars by nothing:

#2 See Attachement, i made it working by using 3 different tables

soclose_dano_edit.zip (1.57 KB)


Thank you so much for the help!
That works like a dream and I am so happy that I found a site that will assist with this program!
I am proud to say that I have made my donation and would like to continue to help out in any way possible.
That might mean that I am back here for more help though too!
Dano thanks for the code once again. What I struggled with you were able to accmplish beautifully!
~SHARE~ ~Cheers~ ~schneig~


thank you very much for the donation! :slight_smile:

dano & Sebastian,
your help is very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Hi schneigis!

If you want to use the " ' " in a JavaScript-string you have to replace all of " ' " by " ' " and all of "" by "\\" because this chars have a function in Java language.
<a href="java script:show('Christmas Cd<!--colorc-->'s');">Christmas Cd's



Thanks again for all of the great input ... and here's some of my own!

I have attached a zip file containing sample html and mte file if anyone wishes to look at it. code is still a little sloppy but I am not quite finished yet!
This mte would be great for anyone with a lot of live music as I have.

One more question ... When I export it works great but ...
is there a way to have the artists with The at the begining sort under their second name. IE: The Grateful Dead sorts under G vs T?

Thanks again
~cheers ~schneig~ :sunglasses:

Artist_Album_track_detail.zip (7.32 KB)


No, this is not easily possible.
Maybe some scripting god would know a solution.

Best regards,
~ Florian