Export configured user-defined genres

Maybe I am missing something but when I export my configuration to move it to another machine, it doesn't include my user-defined genres and I don't see any way to export those individually. Does this functionality exist?

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the user-defined genres are stored in the file
which can be found in the MP3tag data folder.
In standard installations you find the data folder in %appdata%\MP3tag

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Yeah, I found that out the hard way.
Not everything in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag is included in the saved configuration archive.
The ini files for Tools, Columns and Tag Panel are also missing, as well as the library database.
I stopped using the "File > save configuration" function. Instead I manually back-up %APPDATA%\Mp3tag.


I've moved this to #bug-reports — those files should be included in the settings export (except for the Library database, which is intentionally omitted).

I'll fix it to the next release. Thanks for pointing!

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I've fixed this with Mp3tag v2.89c Development Build.

Thanks for fixing.
What is the reasoning for not backing up the Library?
I'm not complaining, just wondering about the pros and cons.

My library has more than 3GB ... a backup would take quite some time.
If a backup is used to ease the transport of a configuration to a different system it is questionable if the same setup is used in respect to paths to files.
And: the backup of the configuration saves you the effort to type it all in again - which will take considerable more time than the time it takes to create the backup file, probably just seconds.
But the backup of the library will take at least 2-digit amounts of minutes (if it is a library of that size that I have in mind). So a quick backup will not be possible any more.
For me such a split between the data created in by the user and data created by scanning the files makes sense.
Perhaps this was also the programmer's reasoning.

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It's mostly the huge size of the Library database file on some systems (i.e., most systems that benefit from using the Library) and that it can be recreated (i.e., is not part of the configuration per se).

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