Export cover art with folder name


im guessing this may have been covered but please could someone assist, im trying to export all my cover art and rather than the art being labeled as folder, i would like to name it under the album \ song.

the above puts it all into one folder, however i need the file names to appear for the cover art.

for example if i extract the bon jovi - always cover art, i would like the picture to be named under the album rather than folder is that possible if so how?

See, if this thread helps you:

I dont really understand it if im honest, apologies imkinda new getting used to this software and string

It's always quite helpful to hear what exactly is so hard to understand.

Create an action of the type "Export cover to file"
Enter as
Format string for the filename: %album%
Format string for the filename: %_directory%
(That depends on what you really want to use as reference)

Check in the action whether you want to get duplicates (usually not).
Try it with 2 albums in 2 different folders first to see if it works

You are a true master at this thank you if has worked. thank you apologies for the noob questions of course

I don't know if this has looked as though I did not want to help.
On the contrary - but it is much easier to hear what already has been tried as that shows what can be taken for granted and the explanations do not have to start with Adam & Eve.
So if you are fine with defining actions but you simply do not know what a format string may look like then I would only have to get into depths about the format string.
So, please, do not hesitate to ask.

thank you, very much

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