Export cover to file Action - Enhancement

It would be nice if the "Export cover to file" Action could be enhanced to include a check-box to allow an existing file to be overwritten.

Currently, if there is a file "Folder.jpg" in your export directory, and you export an updated file to that directory the new file will be named "Folder(1).jpg" and the old file will remain in the directory as well.

If the new file is exactly the same as the old file this does not happen. It only happens with updated files.

There are users among us that have more than one picture embedded in the files, e.g. front, back, inlet etc.
If you export the embedded pictures from such a file but have not set a decent filename format string that takes care of unique names in a folder, you would loose all pictures except the last one written - without any further information that this happened.

The workaround would be to use either the windows explorer or a shell command to delete all folder.jpg files prior to the export.

That is why I suggested an enhancement that included a checkbox, so that users can choose current behaviour or modified behaviour. If you don't like the feature you would not have to use it.