Export cover to file Action

I have a small problem using the Export cover to file Action when changing or upgrading album artwork. If there is already an existing file in the directory, Folder.jpg, for example, the Export cover to file Action will not overwrite the file, instead it will create a new file Folder(1).jpg. Please note that it will not create the Folder(1).jpg file if the existing file is the same as the new file.

What I would like to do is either be able to delete the existing Folder.jpg file before exporting the new cover to the directory, or have the option on the Export cover to file Action to overwrite the file if it exists.

I want to be able to do this within Action scripts.

Is this currently possible? If not, could this be considered as a possible enhancement.

You could execute a command shell batch job before you export the cover files - contents:
del /s /ah /as folder.jpg

How do you execute a command shell batch job from an Action script?

I understand the batch file part of your suggestion.

You can't.
The only way to execute external commands or start external software from Mp3Tag is to define it in the tools menue.

Another way is to use the Export feature to write a script file. (.vbs, .cmd, .ps1, etc.)
It will be executed when the user answers "Yes" to the prompt: "Display Export file now?"

One advantage of this method is that it allows multiple files to be processed without displaying the command window.

Thanks Ryerman, that is a very clever idea.

Generating the batch file worked well. However, I don't get the "Display Export file now?" message. I checked my Options setting and all messages are checked. I ran the provided HTML_MP3TAG export, it worked as expected, but did not prompt with the message.

Has this feature changed or am I looking at a bug?


It is a very clever idea.
But it's not my idea. :wink:
Forum member DetlevD pioneered that method as early as September 2010.
How to create a shortcut file to a physical file?
I've used the .mte file provided in that post as the template for various other export scripts that I call "Export Tools" (Thanks DetlevD!)

Options > Messages > check-mark "at exporting tags"
For me, the message is disabled only if that is un-checked.

I am running Windows 10. I wonder if that is making a difference.

All boxes are checked on the Options > Messages dialog.

On WinXP the Mp3tag message looks like ... see attached picture ...


Apparently, WXp and W8/10 behave differntly in that respect.
This also applies to other warnings issued by the OS.

That is bad news for people like me who expect to upgrade to Windows 10.
It seems to me that the message is generated by Mp3tag, not the OS, so I would consider that a bug and make a report in the "Bug Reports" forum.

But before that, I would toggle that check-mark a few times and make sure "OK" was clicked after every change. Maybe even open and close Mp3tag.

It will be very annoying if that option does not work in Windows 10.

I did as you suggest, checked the field, unchecked the field, closed mp3tag, reopened mp3tag. Every time the result was the same, no dialog box.

I hope you clicked "OK" after each change.
If you did, I encourage you to start a thread in the "Bugs Report" sub-forum.

Yes "OK" was clicked each time.

New topic created in the "Bugs Report" sub-forum.

I just read your bug report.
It looks like we have not been clear with each other.
It appears that the "Display Export file now?" message is never shown when exporting from the Action menu.
Try exporting directly from the toolbar, using the Export dialogue. :mt_export:

Sorry about that chief! :slight_smile:

Well there you go! I get the message just fine if I use the toolbar Export dialogue.

Thanks for all your help.

You're welcome.
We took the long way, but finally got there!
And I learned something too.