Export cover to File

I set up an Action that exports the cover and my format string is:
%artist% - %album% [%_cover_size%]

I really don't want image size, but rather image dimensions. Such as Artist - Album [800x800].jpg

All I could find was %_cover_mimetype%, %_cover_size%, %_cover_type%, %_covers%.

Is the a way to do this?

I think it would me really useful to find either low quality cover art or even non square cover art. So you know which cover art to update.

You can use the Windows Explorer for that.
Export the covers with MP3tag.
Start a search with Windows Explorer for *.jpg
Define a column that shows the picture dimension.
Sort by that column.

Right on, I'll do that. Thanks for the tip, I hate working with explorer but that should be easy enuff.

I still think %_cover_dimensions% would be a nice addition :slight_smile: