Export errors on 2.90a

I have an export template that was wokring on whatever version was around in March, but no longer. It generates a very simple error box that simply says "!"

Here is the template, tried on different files:

$filename(export.mp3tag.csv,utf-8)Band,Album Artist,Album Year,Album Name,Album Disc,Track Number,Track Title,Track Artist,Genre,Extension,Size,Tags,Codec,Publisher,Filename,Path

I just took the sample script that you supplied and ran it on an arbitrary set of files and it worked.
So: is it really a plain text file or did you edit it by any chance with a word processor that saves files with format information so that it is a richer format than just plain text?

No it's plaintext and the template hadn't been modified since it was first created and working. Anyway copied out and pasted back and now it's working. shrugs.

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p.s. awesome software, fast and reliable. i've donated a few times over the years, keep it up :slight_smile:

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