Export/Extract Embedded Album Covers?

is there a way to extract embedded album artwork toto a separate Folder?

Obviously, you did not use the search function or read the documentation.

well it always so NICE to hear from such an arrogant person

i do not see that option exports embedded artwork: otherwise why is only option to enter file name format of INPUT file?

but seeing you are so experienced with MP3Tag, maybe you can explain how 'File Name Format' actually means embedded artwork?

It seems like you're really not reading the documentation and that you're really not using the search function. So pointing you to those is not arrogant, especially if it happens repeatedly as recent topics show.

And based on your recent topics and especially based on the tone of your replies, it seems like you're not very much enjoying the conversations here.

I take this as an opportunity to set your account to read-only for one week. Please use the time to re-evaluate your attitude here and possibly, ideally, hopefully correct once your account is fully active again.

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This is required so that mp3tag can name the files as you require. If you prefer it to be in a separate folder, where that should be. This is the dialog box that appears when using the export function, with an example of how to assign folder and file names from the tags.

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