Export file can't be edited, page locks up

Hi Had fab results with MP3Tag on my Windows 7 PC, but now on my Win 10 PC, trouble with editing export file.
On FLAC files, I go Select all/Export then when I try to edit the Export Configuration, I get no result and program freezes. The only output is like the default setting.

mp3tag.txt (903 Bytes)
Hope this has worked.

Thanks, Wayne

Which MP3tag version do you use?
Is this a new install or one that you "migrated" from W7?
Is this a new issue? (I mean, W7 is rather old and has been out of maintainance for some time now)
Do you get an export? - the uploaded file is no "default setting", IMHO, it must be a customized export script.
Does the export always stop at the same file?

What I see as possible problems: the access rights for the various files and folders are not up-to-date for the current user.
The file association for export scripts has not been set (usually it should be the WIndows Editor).
A data file is corrupt. For MP3s there are utilities around to check that - don't know about flac.

Hi Using 3.06a. Brand new computer and Win 10. Newly downloaded MP3tag.
I will add some screenshots to maybe describe better.

As I said before, worked perfect on Win 7.

Thanks, Wayne

Is this the installer version from the Mp3tag website or the version from the Microsoft Store?

From your website - I just click the download update when it comes up.
It is not hard to reinstall after I delete old one with Total Uninstall, so will do this.
For certain jobs I can't be without your software.

Just reinstalled a new copy, still no luck. In the screenshot up the top it has 'C:\users\ezy..................MP3tag\export' This looks strange.


It's probably just the folder you've navigated to, I don't think that's related. What you can try is to go to %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\export and associate any of the *.mte files with your favorite editor (or just notepad.exe) and see if this changes something.

It's right click and "Open with..." and then "Always open with..." or something similar.

Break out the Champagne - the associate *.mte files with notepad did the trick.
Thanks for all your help

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