Export file dano albumlist js

I found the "html_dano_albumlist_js_f" in the export configuration archive and I managed to change it a little to fulfill my needs.

works well.

I noticed that the %_parent_directory% tag works only for one upper directory.

There's a way to go up two - three - four directories ?

example my dir structure is

bach / The complete bach edition / Vol 01 / cd 01

there's a way to show them all?

What about _PATH? or the ..\ syntax?

thank You....

Sorry but I need some help about the ".." syntax


adding the ..\addresses the next folder above the current level.
would address the folder above the parent directory and
would address the folder above the folder that is above the parent directory.
And as this may be getting rather confusing, I would suggest to use an absolute path.

Thank You.. but it doesn't work.

it adds ".." at the beginning of the folder name and does not show the actual name of the upper folder

The issue is at line 49 of the attached file (now I deleted the "..")

html_albumlist.mte (3.0 KB)

Thanks for your help

Of course not as it is a relative path.
Perhaps you have to use a function to count the slashes or backslashes to get the right part. If you have to count from the end, perhaps the function $reverse() helps.


I managed to solve with a workaround
I used the %_folderpath% tag

I get rid of the name of the drive along with the first slash with the replace function
and then I replace the others slash with " - "

Now works as expected.

Thank u anyway.