Export file One per parent directory


I have a music library organised //.wma and want to export for all albums a tracklist file /info.htm

How do I do this?

I tried

Export file name: $regexp(%_folderpath%,'[^\\\\]'*\\\\$,)info.htm
[ ] Append data
[X] One file per directory

but this causes each disc to get a separate file that overwrites the previous, and

Export file name: $regexp(%_folderpath%,'[^\\\\]'*\\\\$,)info.htm
[X] Append data
[X] One file per directory

duplicates the file header and footer upon each disc.

Generate one export file for each album
Export cue sheet by album name

[X] One file per directory

This option tells Mp3tag to create a new file for each new directory it encounters. What you're trying to approach is not possible using this option (and I can't think of a batch operation which might accomplish this at the moment).

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Thanks Florian. I have found a batch workaround: an Action Group with three Exports, all '[X] One File per Directory':

  1. writes the file header
  2. appends the body for each disc
  3. appends the footer, plus unfortunately an redundant footer for each disc past 1

If anyone can suggest a fix to 3, please do!