Export filename problem


hello evryone. i have found a small issue that i am not sure what to do about.

i use the following string to generate my sfv files and it works great:
"$lower($replace(00-%artist%-%album%-%year%.sfv, ,_))"

it makes the filename all lower case and spaces are replaced with _

i use almost the exact same one for generating nfo files:
"$lower($replace(00-%artist%-%album%-%year%.nfo, ,_))"

the only problem is that when i export one or the other first, then click the export button and switch to the other to export that, the last part of my filename generation string gets cut off for some reason, so it looks like:
"$lower($replace(00-%artist%-%album%-%year%.sfv" (it takes off the ", ,_))" at the end)

or .nfo, whichever one it is. this leaves me with a file that gets named "[ SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING ]"

actually, it used to give me the error in formatting string filename, but now i know that the end is going to get cut off, so before i export each time i manually type in ", ,))" at the end of the string first. but i wish it would just stay set. it stays set as long as i only export one or the other. as soon as i click sfv instead of nfo (or vice versa) in the export dialog the " ,))" automatically gets cut off.

so is there any way to stop that from happening?


What does your sfv export look like?
Maybe you take the .sfv part to the end of the string.


awesome, that worked! all i did was put it at the end like you said and it worked. no it looks like "$lower($replace(00-%artist%-%album%-%year%, ,)).sfv" and "$lower($replace(00-%artist%-%album%-%year%, ,)).nfo"

you're the best dano!