export files script

Is it possible to make a script that will export all files in (mp3tag) loaded directory to another one with folder configuration like: Artist\Album?
So, this script should copy (or move) all mp3 files from loaded folder to Artist\Album folder (and make this folders if nessesary) according to every mp3 file tag from curent (mp3tag loaded) directory.

I have tried this by writing external .bat script, but it doesn´t work (mp3tag does not pass _folderpath, artist & album tag to cmd).

In fact, there is great opensource program that is doing this very simply and fast, called Yamo (CodePorject Yamo), but I would like to make internal script could be used directly from mp3tag.

Is it possible?

(forgive me, I am newbie)

This is an action not an export. Export doesn't move files, just export information about files (like fields in the tag, bitrate, length etc.) to a (generally) text-based output file (.txt, .bat, .xml, .csv etc.)

Yes, it is.

Action: Format value
Format string: C:\%artist%\%album%\%_filename_ext% <-- for example


Action: Format value
Format string: C:\%artist%\%album% <-- for example

In the field Format string you can use absolute or relative path using any of the placeholders in MP3Tag, and MP3Tag will create the non-existing folders (folder structure), and move the files to them (even if the destination is in another drive). The first version will move only the audio files loaded and selected in MP3Tag, with the second version you can move everything in your folder (for example cover photos).

Works man! Thanks!
I did it with format value _FILENAME! (tried with _DIRECTORY but it copies ALL content of dir, not just selected track=

Thanks for the good explanation, Stevest.

This discussion opens a lot of new thoughts for me: Would it somehow also be possible to copy instead of moving?

I think of someone who wants to copy over part of his collection to an external (USB/FireWire/eSATA) disc, for backup purposes or just to take part of his collection with him.

There are 2 icons on the MP3Tag screen for this: Copy and Move.. When I want to copy (say, XMAS songs) to another location, I filter via Genre and type XMAS into the box, select all files then click the "Copy files" button and pick the folder...

You may prefer a more automated approach but that's how I do it :wink:

Hee, hee … sometimes one doesn’t see the wood for the trees :smiley:

Then again, I needed to come up with a different folder structure on the target, so I eventually came up with an Export into a good, old batch file … Would be nicer to handle all this internally like the »move« stuff, but alas.