Export filesize limit?

I want to create a html file listing all my audio files. I've used the 'html_nickless_javasort_lite.mte' export config file to create a listing. 100 days of listening and 370gb... the file is just under 4mb!

The file doesn't display anything other than the header info in Firefox & IE. At first I thought this might be a browser/html issue?

However, I also tried the 'html_mp3tag.mte' file and it came to 3.7mb and did load properly in both browsers, thus displaying my audio files. So I guess it must be an issue with the 'html_nickless_javasort_lite.mte' resulting htm file :unsure:

Any help appreciated TIA


Was it a badly labelled title or is it that no-one knows what the problem could be? (or does no-one understand my problem :laughing: )

I just downloaded this Export File & ran an Export with it. Around 10,500 MP3 files and it resulted in a success.

I did however run it on a handful of MP3 Files I have in a folder, these MP3's are 'Empty,' all they contain are ID3 Data, running it on these resulted in a bust much like you describe. So, maybe if one of your files is messed up and isn't reporting the Bitrate/Codec/etc properly, maybe that's why it's busting?

It could be a character in one of the tags that is causing a problem with the HTML code. Not sure.

^^ yep that's probably it then. All my CD rips are of course expertly tagged :wink: but I do have a number of files from one source or another that are very poorly tagged... indeed they are probably very old encodes lacking standard metadata etc.

I'll have to narrow down to the dirs that are ok then.

Cheers guys