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I have been messing with an export for some time now. My main problem is that it can take 10+ minutes to run, meanwhile dano's "dano_List_Album_js_ex" export which I think is far more complicated takes less then HALF that time (roughly 4 minutes) on the same set of files. Thus, I was wondering if someone could help point out some optimizations that could be made. Here is a small sample of what mine exports:

(Note: That one only took about 3 seconds, but 200 tracks compared to 8700... ha.) It's a list of albums with some statistics with some BBCode, plan to use it to keep an updated album list on a music forum I go to. But at 10+ minutes for a full export and surely as my collection grows, so would the export time. Thus, I thought I would try and solve the problem now with any optimization that might be out there. Attached will be a full export example as well as the MTE if you want to look over it.

I noticed it hangs for some time in a couple spots during export, not sure what it's about. Also, if you have any ideas on how to 'pretty it up' design wise then I'm open to suggestions aswell. If there isn't any real way to speed it up and such then I atleast thank you for taking a look.

Any help appreciated though. :slight_smile:

PS -- If someone was able to speed it up, aswell as be able to supply a mirror version in HTML, I would bow to them. :wub: I am shit with HTML, I always end up with a huge mess when I try and even touch HTML. :unsure:

Album_List___Export.mte (626 Bytes)

Album_List.txt (23.2 KB)


Do not put a summary on top of a report.
Avoid redundant loops.
Do use existing loops to collect all data you need for the summary.
Try this mte script:
Test_Mizery_Made.mte (625 Bytes)

Real world example:
Artists: 2525
Albums: 3146
Tracks: 10894
Playtime: 843:38:38
Size: 71,91 GB
Only Full Albums Listed

Runtime about 100 seconds.

Try this generic html mte script:
Test_Mizery_Made.html.mte (579 Bytes)

Test_Mizery_Made.mte (625 Bytes)

Test_Mizery_Made.html.mte (579 Bytes)


Cool, you were actually able to improve it. Your version came in at only 5 minutes. :slight_smile: