Export help

Hi, i want to export only %album% field, but with 1 entry only
how can i do this? the command i use is %artist% - %album (%year%)

this way it creates an entry for every file, but i want just 1 entry, for disc catalog
is it possible?

Yes, it should be possible using $loop(%album%,1)

See html_newexport from the archive for an example.

how that i can order the data with my taste?
like, first by artist, then by album year, then album name?
the way i edit the html, it sorts by artist/album name, so the year appears all mixed up

You have to nest the $loop statements differently (e.g. first artist, then year, ...).

wow, powerful hehe
very nice

sorry to bother you again, but since i am a newbie at programming... how can i nest different albums from the same artist with the same color?

right now my html model is the html_mp3tag one, with ARTIST - ALBUM - YEAR showing
and i wished i could use the same color for the artist

if the artist name could appear one time too, would be nice... like David Bowie having 10 albums, and the artist David Bowie appears only 1 time, besides the first record, and the other records would be with no Artist name, since it is the same (its just to avoid too much info on screen)