Export/Import of Existing Tags

I have a number of vinyl transfers that I've found have SBEs (sector boundary errors). I'd like to use Trader's Little Helper to fix them but when it does it re-encodes the FLAC files and strips all tags. I thought of using Mp3tag to first export the tags to an HTML file, but I can't figure out how to import them back in after the new "cleaned" files have been created. How can I do that? Thanks.

The easiest thing is:

  • keep the old files & load them into Mp3tag
  • select all file and copy the tags (Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C)
  • load all new files into Mp3tag, make sure that they are sorted in the same order like the old files where when you copied them
  • insert the tags (Ctrl + V)

pone, thanks for the quick response. I'd copied tags that way for individual files but did not realize it would also work for a batch.

What is the upper limit for the number of tags that can be cut/paste in a single operation?

I need to perform this process with about 2800 files.

a. backup
b. backup
c. backup

I would say: if half of the available memory is full then it is enough.
As there are reports that MP3tag can load even 100000 files at one time your amount should be possible.
But as always: there is not garantee.

I asked the question about number of files because I did not see any confirmation that the metadata was copied when I selected 2800 files. If I select a small number of files, there is a message about metadata from XX files copied, at the bottom of the screen.

I started my file editing, so we will see what happens when I try and paste the information onto all the new files in a few hours.

The actual limit seems to be 1500 files.