Export/Import tags through (csv) text file

The first line of the standard tag export file is a description of this file (Title;Artist;Album;Track;Year;Length;Size;Last Modified;Path;Filename;)

With the text file -> tag action you have to enter a format string similar to this first line.

Is it possible to use an (eventually modified version) of the first line of the exported file as this defining (importing) string?

RabanePaco's suggestion would suit me too. I have been through this process several times. I use my text source (a large Excel table of all of my tracks, which I use for sorting/processing/finding not available in MP3Tag) to maintain both my data values and the text names of the MP3Tag fields that they apply to. It is then easy to commit both of those to the one data file. I then have to strip out the heading line of the data file (don't forget the trailing newline!) and paste that into the format string line of the MP3Tag import interface. It works, but it would be much easier if the functionality was built to expect the defining text string as the first line of the file, just like in the MP3Tag Export to CSV.


This is a case of 80-20 (small effort with big satisfaction).
Wouldn't it be handy to add a checkbox "Ignore header line" to the "Text - Tag" popup?