Export / import tags

Hello – I have a tool to convert from one audio format to another – It works very well to convert my FLAC files to MP3. I tried to convert to the Apple lossless format (ALAC). The conversion when fine, but I discovered that none of the tag were copied over.

I see that in mp3tag there is an export option – is it possible to export the tags from the FLAC files then import them into the ALAC files? If so, were can I find information/doc for this – Thanks

It is as easy as copy&paste:
Sort the source files and the target files in the same order.
Select the source files and copy the tags with the function of the file list context menu.
Then select the target files and paste the tags with the function of the file list context menu.
The tags from the first source file will be copied to the first target file, same with the second and so on.

There is also a way with an export to and import from a text file.

Thanks for the info --- I am not to up with copy/past -- the text file would work better for me --- is there info on how to do that?

You have to create a plain text export with all the fields that you want to see in the new files.
In addition you have to add the full filename as part of each record.
You find a rather detailed description in the help:

This is quite a task as there are a lot of traps to watch out for so that the fields get separated properly and that filenames really match.
I wonder why

is out esp. as you can treat all the source files and the target files in one go, provided that they are aligned.

I would definitely recommend the tag copy/tag paste method. Simply add both the files with the correct tags and those with the missing tags, and ensure they are sorted the same way. Then Shift-select the correct files, right click, and select "tag copy". Then Shift-select the same order of the incorrectly tagged files, right click, and tag paste. That simple and accurate. No messing around with exports, external files, set-up, etc.

Thank for the info --- what is not clear to me, that I would add both folders FLAC and ALAC then highlight the all the FLAC files, but what next?

Now sort the source and the target files. so that you can first select the source files 1 to n and copy the tags with the function Copy tag.
and then sort and select
the target files 1 to n so that the first target file should get the data from the first source file, the second target file from the second source file and so on.
Now paste the tags. Done.

It was an interesting journey to fix tags you lost during a conversion. Have you considered changing the tool you are using that got you into this situation? I quickly converted from FLAC to ALAC using fre:ac (freeware) and verified that the tags were all OK.

Hello -- Thanks for the info --- I got it to work with d/d -- sort of

as noted none of the tags copied over, using the "file" copy/save tag, it just set one, tag, "title" and it used the filename to create the tag not that title tag in the FLAC file --- what did I miss?

Thanks for that info --- I will give free ac --- a try

web site is https://www.freac.org/

How am I supposed to know if you do not show us which export script you used, what the export file actually contained and what the import looked like.

Hello --- Sorry for the mix-up -- per the other users I tried the copy/past solution -- I was able to highlight the source flac file, then using the "read tag" (ctrl-t) in the file menu, then selected the target files and used the "save tag" item in the file menu -- but that did not work --- I have to be missing something with the copy / paste solution

That what you did has almost nothing to do with copy and paste as you

the tag which means that you only read the tag data of a file again but you do not copy anything
and then you

the existing tag, not the copied one (esp. as you did not copy anything)
Instead you were asked to

which is a

You have to right-click on the files list. Or if you feel uncomfortable with the right click you find the Copy&Paste functions in the edit menu.

Hello --- Thanks for your help and bearing with me --- I got it now and it works very well !!!!