Export in Mp3tag for Mac

Regarding the export, I like the options I find most worthwhile are:
Album name (tab) track number (tab) track title (tab) track artist (tab) track length (tab) disc number

I've moved your post to #mac from the German category :slight_smile:

The Export currently exists in a slightly different way and only as hidden feature :face_with_monocle:

If you select files in Mp3tag for Mac and copy via Cmd+C, a textual representation of the files is copied to the clipboard.

You can modify the format of this textual representation using a formatstring and the defaults command via Terminal.app

defaults write app.mp3tag.Mp3tag CopyFormat '"%album%$char(9)%track%$char(9)%title%$char(9)%artist%$char(9)%_length%$char(9)%discnumber%"'

It's a little bit nerdy, but should get the job done. Ah yes, and you can always go back to the default behavior via

defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag CopyFormat

That is fantastic! Thank you. I'm trying to modify the track number and disc number so it uses this format as well: (%track%,2) but I'm not sure how to add that. Any suggestions?

Great! This is with leading zeros using the $num() scripting function.

defaults write app.mp3tag.Mp3tag CopyFormat '"%album%$char(9)$num(%track%,2)$char(9)%title%$char(9)%artist%$char(9)%_length%$char(9)$num(%discnumber%,2)"'

Perfect, thank you so much!