Export in rtf - file


I want to list my music in a database. For years I srcibed it most, but now I think I'm able to do it more easyly by export function.

First I had to list all informationtion in one line ( it's much more easyly to put this data in a database) . This problem is solved by myselve.

But I had to seperate the items by a special textseqenz.
Its much more better to seperate by a tab.

How is it possible to seperate the items by a tab - function?

But the best solution is, to scribe the export in an Exelsheet.

Does anybody have a sollution to scribe the export in an excelfile?

Greeding from Monheim - near Cologne


In general you can put a tab to a file with the $char(9) function.
In rtf use the \tab string.

I have never tried to create an excel file, but you can import a text-based file easily in excel (for example a tab separated version).