Export in rtf

I have a problem in exporting the tracklist when the track names are in eastern European (cyrillic) format! I have to manually copy/paste the track names in Wordpad! Is there an easy solution?

It is so difficult to tell where the problems might originate without any clue what the export script looks like.

See there ... https://docs.mp3tag.de/export/#export-scripting-functions
You can set the filename of the exported file with the function $filename(name[,enc]).
The optional second parameter sets the encoding of the export file.
Possible values are ansi, utf-8 and utf-16.

Read about codepages and unicode ...


By following your first suggestion (already included in mp3tag help files) the problem is finally solved! I have exported files in rtf (with cyrillic characters) with either one of the two options (utf-8, utf-16)! I'm waiting to see if I'll have the same success with Japanese tags!

Thanks a lot!

PS It's official: By following the suggestions included in the help files and with the invaluable help of the friends here, it's possible by using utf-8 (I haven't still fully tested utf-16) characters to export tags of ANY language and ANY character font (I successfully tried it with Japanese & Indonesian characters) in rtf. After that, I'm waiting for the new option of mp3tag: prepare capuccino!