Export in TXT-File

I want to export to TXT-file.
I made my on export and got the content out but not in the format I like.
To transfer it to the format I want, I have to import it to Excel. There I do some corretions and put it back to Edit to store it.
That is a lot of manual activities which I would like to delete.

Can anybody help me ?

Here my export code


Here what the result is

;Dixie Chicks;Top Of The World Tour LIVE;01;Goodbye Earl;mp3;192;44100;04:37;2003;Country
;Dixie Chicks;Top Of The World Tour LIVE;02;Some Days You Gotta Dance;mp3;192;44100;02:40;2003;Country
;Dixie Chicks;Top Of The World Tour LIVE;03;There's Your Trouble;mp3;192;44100;03:21;2003;Country
;Dixie Chicks;Top Of The World Tour LIVE;04;Mississippi;mp3;192;44100;05:15;2003;Country
;Dixie Chicks;Top Of The World Tour LIVE;06;Travelin' Soldier;mp3;192;44100;05:57;2003;Country
;Dixie Chicks;Top Of The World Tour LIVE;08;Hello Mr. Heartache;mp3;192;44100;04:00;2003;Country

And here what I want after Excel manipulations

Dixie Chicks    Top Of The World Tour LIVE    1    Goodbye Earl            mp3    192    44100    04:37    2003    Country 
                        2    Some Days You Gotta Dance    mp3    192    44100    02:40    2003    Country 
                        3    There's Your Trouble        mp3    192    44100    03:21    2003    Country 
                        4    Mississippi            mp3    192    44100    05:15    2003    Country 
                        6    Travelin' Soldier        mp3    192    44100    05:57    2003    Country 
                        8    Hello Mr. Heartache        mp3    192    44100    04:00    2003    Country

I hope I get some help and my decription is precise enough.

What is the format that Mp3tag should generate??
We don't know your "Excel manipulations"

PS: Put your export text in code tags or the formatting is lost.


first thank you for the reply.

What I do in EXCCEL is deleting on the 2nd to the last line the ARTIST and the Album.

What EXCEL automaticaly does by the transfer "CRTL-C" and on EDIT "CRTL-V" ist a TAB between the coloums.

My final shall be a ".TXT" file where the Information is shown in coloums and the empty space is between the colums is filled with blanks.
The reason why it shall be a ".TXT" file is, this can be transfered over various operation system without additional tools.

For better understanding I try to give a "general" sample: (the dots shall represent BLANK, the amount of BLANK is only a sample)

ARTIST...ALBUM....1..TITLE 1...........mp3..192..44100..MM:SS..YEAR..GENRE..
...........................2..TITLE-Sample..wma..128..44100. .04:56..2003...Rock.....
other lines (3 to 9)

I hope it is now more clear what I have in mind.

Thanks for any help


For info (regarding until MS Excel 2003):

When you double click on a .csv file, MS Excel per default takes the field separator from the Regional Settings under Windows. By defaults it's "," (English, US) or ";" (German).

That's a bad solution, because "csv" means "comma-separated-values" and "," is a comma. So the Americans don't know nothing about the problem and can sometimes only import "," in their programs.

Also a problem is the character set. Only a 256-character-set is possible and I think it's only "iso-8859-1". No UTF-8 or UFT16/32 if you want to double click on it.

But there is a solution to use Unicode and a separator without using the regional settings:

Under MS Excel you can save a file as "Unicode Text". The bad solution is that the default extension is ".txt" - and a double click on the file would normally open a text editor (which hopefully understands Unicode).

This "Unicode Text" uses the character set: "UTF-16 LE + BOM Header" - otherwise double click does not work. The value separator is tabulator and values may enclosed by quotes (or always).

So if mp3tag or any other tool would save it in this format - but with a file extension like .csv or better another one (see also below!) like e.g. "tsv" (tab-separated-values).

The file extension "tsv" has to be joined with MS Excel (anyhwere in Explorer).

Be carefuly if you send an UTF-16 file via FTP - Carrige Return / Line Feed maybe destroyed when you transfer it in ASCII mode (you can not open it anymore). Transfer must be done BINARY.

The most people have ".csv" and ".txt" in an "Automatic Mode" of their FTP program (transfer it in ASCII) - so another one - ".tsv" would be better - automatical transfer in BINARY mode.

Maybe Florian could implement it - if it isn't (don't know it because ID3 in .wav" still not possible and so I have to use another tool - but I'm still waiting :wink: )

I'm not sure if this is the right place for your post pueblo funky?!

This problem is discussed here /t/4473/1 and there are also example configs for utf-16 with tabs

Sorry, didn't know about the other tread. Just seen this new entry and tried to add some info. :wink: