export L_albumlist_js_ex

I got a problem with the export mte file L_albumlist_js_ex.

I have a numerous amount of mp3 files >15.000
Now the problem is that the numbers off albums isn't right.
But i got no problems with that.

The problem lies in the not showing the songs beneath a album.
It almost always occurs when the artist has 1 song under a (collection) album.

I tried to fix it myself, but i'm a compleet noob at javascript or any internet language.

Can you please help me out.
I really like this one.
I would really like this one to work.

The Dragon NL

Well I have no real problems with it and I don't really understand what you mean..

I've included the generated HTM file, zipped ofcourse.
Just for example click on barbara streisand.
it has one album and 1 song under that album
Now only a few will fold-out, so you can see and play the song.

Or is there an explorer settings that ruins it?

L_albumlist_js_ex.zip (6.38 KB)

You have an album with various artists, that's the problem.
The script first goes through all the artists and since this album has different artists it gets split up.
This is because I want the output to be
Artist A

  • Album 1
  • Album 2
  • Album 3
    Artist B
  • Album 1
  • Album 2

and not
Artist A - Album 1
Artist A - Album 2
Artist A - Album 3
Artist B - Album 1

So , are you saying it doens't work with various artists?

Is it possible that it will work, with some modifications?

Well you can either change to html_dano_albumlist_js_f config and drop the first structure I described or in the next Mp3tag version there will be 2 methods to realize it with the albumlist_js_ex config.
1 method will require an additional BAND tag and the other a certain directory structure.


Another Quistion.
Is it possible to only write where %album% starts with A or B etc.

Cause if it is, then i'll try to write a script that will create a htm with that starting letter.
If it is possible to create a htm page inside the script it self.

Can you try to explain to me how i should do that.

Of course if it works ill send it to you


Ok, ignore the previous question.
Found it using the $mid(%artist%,,1) command

It is possible to create a script that will call another script using predefines variabels

No. This is not possible.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Ok, bummer.

I'm trying to create a list depending on the input value of the export screen.
But i can't seem to get the if-statement working

if ($mid(%artist%,,1) = %_listselection%)
do somethings

Can you help me?

$if($eql($mid(%artist%,,1),%_listselection%),do this if statement true,do this if statement false)

The problem is this:
the show() javascript function toggles the visibility of the

containing the tracks. The ID of this TD is assigned the value "id" + the album name. In Various Artist albums the album name is repeated under each artist, therefore there will be a with identical ID's under each artist. The show function uses getElementById which returns the first element for the given ID. %album%

To correct the problem you need to assign the TDs unique IDs. You can use the counter to do this, or use the Random function