Export list of albums?


I did two searches here trying to find an answer, and have looked in the help file. Can't find my answer so I hope someone here will help me out.

I want to export either a text file or RTF file that is just a basic list of albums I own. I want to do this for insurance purposes. I figure since all the albums I own are in Monkey's Audio format and properly tagged, this should be fairly easy to accomplish with Mp3tag and save me time by not having to enter each CD manually (one would hope anyways).

Idealy this list would contain a single entry for each CD I own, consisting of the artist and album. Not sure how it would handle albums with various artists though, as I don't list use the various artist moniker. I take the time to tag each song properly when the artist varies. Right now I can get the export feature to list just the album and artist in an RTF file, but I get multiple duplicate entries because it goes by the number of songs listed.

Many thanks to anyone who can help me! It is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


You can add this code $loop(%_filename_ext%)$loopend() to remove the duplicates.

    This part is shown for all different artists: %artist%
    You can even nest loops:
    This will show the artists albums: %album%