Export Multi-Track with Number to export.NFO

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to make an NFO to export that will show all the tracks in this format:


Tracks Time

  1.    artist - title                      03:56
  2.    artist - title                      03:12
  3.    artist - title                      03:08


I can't get the numbers to show up or align correctly:

$loop(%track%) %title% %_length%

Can someone please share details to what I am not doing right with the code?

Thank you,

The $loop() only defines which data is to be sorted but not which data is to be exported.
So you would have to add a statement that actually outputs the track number, e.g.

$loop(%track%) $num(track%,2). %title% %_length%
for a table-like output it may be necessary to add a character like $char(9) (the tabulator character)

Thank you. I was able to get this portion sorted! Appreciate your feedback!