export not possible with v2.58 on win8

i get the message with v2.58 on win8
cannot be created
when i want to create an export configuration.

any solution?

check if the owner of folder and the user id of MP3tag are the same.
Possibly, you have to modify the access rights or the ownership.

ownership should be the same.

manually i can create the file in that (app) directory wihtout any permission problems in win8

i use the portable version of mp3 tag that i stored on an external drive. i do not understand why mp3 tag wants to write into that user/app directory while it is a portable version.

any idea how i can change this default directory in win8

It is not enough that it "should" be the same - it must be the same. You didn't check, though, did you?

If you have both: a portable and a fixed installation and you run the portable installation, then the portable installation still looks into the registry an probably finds the entries for the fixed installation and then uses those settings.

What you can try (if there is no valid data in the %appdata%\mp3tag folders): delete them. Once they are gone, mp3tag should look in the portable folder.

thanx a lot if i rename this appdata folder than it works, i could create the file.
i managed to edit a configuration file.