Export not recognizing the selected path

Mp3tag v2.83
Win 10 Home x64 build 1703

I am trying to export the tags into a text, which works well if I choose a path such as:
No problems. Then I can import those tags.

I can also select a new location to export the tags such as the album's current path as seen in the PATH column. But If I use an action to change the album's path, then I get an error.

the original Album Name = "Greatest Hits"
the original Path to this album = "C:\users\MEE\Music\Artist\Greatest Hits"

Now I change the path using an action to rename the path by appending the Album Name with the year of the Album's release.

New path to this album = "C:\users\MEE\Music\Artist\Greatest Hits [2017]". This appears in the PATH column.

In Mp3tag's "Tag Panel" the Album Name is still "Greatest Hits"
and under the "PATH" column the path has been changed to
"C:\users\MEE\Music\Artist\Greatest Hits [2017]"

So far so good.

Then I choose to export the tags. Following the steps below:

  1. CTRL+E

  2. select "txt_taglist"

  3. open "..." - select new path
    (note that the path appears correctly in TextBox "C:\users\MEE\Music\Artist\Greatest Hits [2017]")

  4. select OK

  5. Error msg: File "C:\users\MEE\Music\Artist\Greatest Hits\mp3tag.txt

    cannot be opened for writing

Mp3tag is looking to place the exported tags to a path based on the album name, which no longer exists. Again, the "Export Config. Display" shows the new pathname
"C:\users\MEE\Music\Artist\Greatest Hits [2017]"

but Mp3tag doesn't use what I've selected.

It is still looking for "C:\users\MEE\Music\Artist\Greatest Hits"

Just to give an update here: I don't think Mp3tag is using the old path, but instead the filename gets interpreted as format string. Square brackets have special function in format strings:

the contents of brackets are displayed only if at least one of the placeholders used inside the brackets has been found.

In this case no placeholder is used in [2017], so the whole contents get omitted.