Export of large music data base

Hi, new here... but been using MP3Tag for a little while and like it just fine.

I have a "Top Hits" collection ... actually, all of them 1946 to present... consisting of 5600 files in 63 folders. Each folder is named for the year (eg. "1993") and each song in the folder is named for it's place on the hits list (eg. "01 - Low.mp3").

Playing with the Export function I've created a html script that emits a very Plain Jain index of all the songs in the collection, sorted by year and hit-list order. Marking groups of files in the MP3Tag list also lets me create indexes of subsets (eg. By year or By Decade)... The songs in each index can be played by clicking on their titles.

I thought some of you might have use for this script so here it is...

TopHitsIndexer.zip (25.9 KB)

There's an example of the output in the ZIP file....

TopHitsIndexer.zip (25.9 KB)

Looks good!
See inconsistency at
1 Skokiaan Ralph Marterie 02:51 1954 022 - Skokiaan.mp3


Very observant.... thank you.

AFAIK... the problem is with the song's tags not the script itself.

Glad you like it.

SWEET! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: