Export on Mac generates CSV file that only reads "ÿþTitel" in cell A/1

When trying to export my directory (wav files) into CSV format, all the rendered/exported file (CSV) reads is "ÿþTitel" on cell A/1. I am using a Mac OS High Sierra and this is my current export configuration:

$loopend()Erstellt am %_date% mit %_app% - dem universellen Tag Editor - http://www.mp3tag.de/

This is very useful software. Any help would be great.

A CSV-File is nothing but a plain text file with separators.
So if the target program imports it as some kind of garbage, you have to look in the target program which settings can be modified to get it right.

Hey there!

Thanks for the help. That helped change my perspective on the issue. Any general idea as to where I could start tweaking those settings? In Google Sheets perhaps??

Thanks in advance, ohrenkino!

The $filename(csv,utf-16) states that you're writing a CSV text file encoded as UTF-16. Maybe Google Sheets likes UTF-8 better?

Have you used the "File > Import" feature of Google Sheets or something different. The ÿþ at the beginning is usually a UTF-16 byte order mark (BOM) that is not interpreted correctly.