export one file per folder: folder level considered?


I have a large HD with this folder structure:

\Nektar\1970-12 Seeheim
\Nektar\1970-11-11 Darmstadt
\Omega\1977, Hungary
\Omega\1982, Budapest

Etc... The \ARTIST folders do not contain sound files.

My goal is to have a list per artist. When I export one file per folder to, for example, list_%artist%.txt, the second album overwrites the previous one.

Of course I can export to something like list_%artist%_%album% and stick the files together, but I was wondering if it is possible within mp3tag.


Ah silly me - I completely missed the Append To File option on the Export dialog. With the filename being list_%artist%.txt, I can export per artist.

Only thing is that while I was hoping for a format like this:

  1970-12 Seeheim
  1970-11-11 Darmstadt

I get this:

  1970-12 Seeheim

  1970-11-11 Darmstadt

Ah well, I'll think of something... :wink: