Export one file per mp3


First, I'm using mp3tag for years now and never said thank you for this great program, so I want to make up for that right away and say, Thank you very much for all the great work :slight_smile:

Second, I'm trying to export the lyrics from my mp3 files, so that there is one txt file for each mp3, but I didn't find an option for that. The only option I found is "One file per directory", so if I want to batch export all lyrics, I'd first have to make a folder for each mp3.

Perhaps there is a code for exporting one file per mp3? I'm using the following code now:

$filename("G:\MP3\_Lyrics_\\%artist%\"%artist% - %title%.txt)$loop(%_filename_ext%)%lyrics%

This is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

Kind regards,

Ah, too bad, thanks for answering though. I guess I have to think something else up then.