Export only front cover when more than one is embedded?

Is there a way for it to only export the front, not the back, leaflet or media covers?

I'm using the action export cover to file, but with thousands of songs, it exporting covers of some tracks where 7 covers to one file is present. I only need the front cover of each file.......nothing came up in search.......any thoughts?



You can use the format string ...


... or such alike.
After exporting remove all those image files from the folder, which you don't like to be there.


I thought of doing it that way, the problem is, there are 78K songs to do it to, so trying to figure out the good and the bad.....I'd like to do it from the export source vs trying to clean up a folder later.....no way to selective pick only "front" or 01 location in metadata?


I fixed the script using the %cover_type% then wrote a quick .bat script to delete everything but -FRONT COVER.JPG in the folder......that should do the trick.......another step, but not that big a deal

Be nice if you could selective extract the covers you desire or script it to do so.