Export or backup all tag fields

I've added a mirror link, try that.


I used your script to export my tag... looks great... Have a few questions:

  1. when importing the tag back, under file name do I select importstring?

what if anything goes in the format string filed.

The problem I'm having is all of the info is not being returned in th ID2 fields, like composers, credits....

See description in post #1 of this thread ...
00 ImportString.txt file is automatically created to store the import string for tag import of the 002 txt tag backup
Use converter "Textfile - Tag" together with the formatstring from within this file.


How do I modify your tool to show only the following information with a line break between Artist and Artist Album's?

Example Layout

Artist Album Track# Title Copyright (I use this for the Media Format, i.e. Vinyl, Cas, CD)

Line Break

Artist Album Track# Title Copyright (I use this for the Media Format, i.e. Vinyl, Cas, CD)

Line Break

Artist Album Track# Title Copyright (I use this for the Media Format, i.e. Vinyl, Cas, CD)


You don't need my tool for this, just make a new export configuration.

'Beluna', what file from the above set of files do you want to change to get a changed output format?

Why do you want an empty line between the data lines?

Are you aware that a line breaked CSV data list might not work anymore as designed?


I configured Dano's CSV tool to show only the Tags I need. However, if you've ever used it it simple runs all the info together.

I was hoping to separate the album listings with a line break like in a HTML file. But from what I've researched it can't be done.

Here's my mission. I want to be able to print a copy of my database with only the basics.

Dano's tool is perfect, but again, i'm looking for something to automate the line breaks...

I have over 150,000 songs... long time to add a line break but will do it manual over time if need be...


That's the way how it has been designed, see the topic of this thread.

'Beluna', you should open a new topic, because your theme points into some other direction than the OP's thread theme, I think so.

If you need particular help on an existing Mp3tag export script, which you have modified by yourself to fit your needs, in order to create a HTML script to fit your needs, then post your script and someone may step in and may help.

Please study the export scripts in the Mp3tag forum area 'Export Configuration Archive' ...
Export Configuration Archive
... and all the other numerous posted export scripts from Mp3tag users.

The HTML tag for a linebreak is
and it can be inserted into a Mp3tag export script like this ...


You can look into the script there ...
Spalten automatisch erzeugen
... how to apply a HTML linebreak.


thanks for all the assistance. I finally corrected the issue with yours and FLskydivers assistance.

Appreciate all the tutorial.

Don't know how I missed this! Unfortunately, the links are no longer working. :frowning:

What do you get? It's working fine for me.

I kept getting timeout errors and such. Working now though, must've just been temporary server or network issues. Now to test this bad boy out. :slight_smile:

I ran into this. Is there any way around this when an unsyncedlyrics tag is messing up the format?

It works in OpenOffice.
If somebody knows how to make it work with Excel then I could implement it.

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I do not know if it helps ... <_<
Export multiline fields into csv or xls


It didn't work for me. I just wrote my own. Thanks anyways.

So ... what did you do? Let us not die stupid!


Can you guys help me a bit? I want to export all the tags that are present within a set of mp3 files, without knowing in advance what those tags are.

I've carefully followed the steps at the start of this thread and am trying out the tool on a folder containing three albums by one artist. I now have in the music folder a text file (New export file.txt) which lists the titles and tracks of the three albums. See the picture attached.

What do I need to do to list out all the tags and their values? Mp3tag shows me that there are more tags in there than track title, including year, genre, album art, and some comments.

Please be kind to me as I don't yet understand what "looping" is all about :wink: But I am very willing to learn :slight_smile:

It does not seem that you followed the instructions.
I don't know why you are messing with a New export file.txt file?
It's not related to my tool.
My program creates ready to use export configs that don't need any further editing.

OK - I really don't understand what's going on :frowning:

What I want is to create a .csv or .txt file containing each tag and its value from the music files selected in mp3tag. Is this not the right tool to use to do that job?

Any suggestions for how I might create the file I want? Maybe I should start a new thread?