Export playlist does not work since upgrade to v2.89/2.89a

Hi the below Export configuration has been working for years for me. It creates a playlist in each album folder. However since latest version upgrade it doesn't. It appears to run but no file is created in the folder

$filename(%_folderpath%$replace($if($eql(%albumartist%,Various Artists) or $eql(%album artist%,Various Artists),$cutleft(%album%,6),%artist% - $cutleft(%album%,6)),/,-,:, -,",'').m3u8,utf-8)#EXTM3U
#EXTART:$if($eql(%albumartist%,Various Artists),%albumartist%,%artist%)
$loop(%track%)$loop(%_filename_ext%)#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,%artist% - %title%

Note the reason I cut the first 6 characters of the album name is because I include the year of release in this tag and don't want that in the playlist name

Is this a bug that can be fixed please


Is this the tested statement from the export that worked before?
I doubt that.
If you combine $if statement with "or" it should be $or(). So at least

is no valid syntax.
Try your expression in the convert>tag-Tag function to test the syntax (but don't execute it, just look at the preview)
I think it should be
$if($or($eql(%albumartist%,'Various Artists'),$eql(%album artist%,'Various Artists')),1,0)

insert the true action for "1" and the false action for "0"

Thanks - you are absolutely correct re the syntax for the Various Artists albums. I must admit I have not had to create a playlist for one of these for some years, so had not picked this error up. It's not this bit of the code that is a problem though. I have taken this part out and run the code below and it still does not create a playlist in the album folder for a normal artist album:

$filename(%_folderpath%$replace(%artist% - $cutleft(%album%,6)),/,-,:, -,",'').m3u8,utf-8)#EXTM3U
$loop(%track%)$loop(%_filename_ext%)#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,%artist% - %title%

If you use
$replace(%artist% - $cutleft(%album%,6)),/,-,:, -,",'').m3u8
the preview shows:
",/,-,:, -,",').m3u8"
So there is still something wrong with the syntax.
I suspect the )) which should be just )

I seem to have the same problem. I can export a playlist by going to the export menu and choosing my playlist definition. For filename I use:
%_folderpath%$if($or($eql(%albumartist%,va),$eql(%albumartist%,Various)),v.a.,$replace(%artist%,/,~)$if($eql(%origyear%,),$if($eql(%year%,),, (%year%)), (%origyear%))) - $replace(%album%,/,~)$if($or($eql(%albumartist%,va),$eql(%albumartist%,Various)),$if($eql(%origyear%,),$if($eql(%year%,),, (%year%)), (%origyear%)),).m3u8
For years this worked perfectly as (last) part of an action, but lately it stopped working. The whole action runs fine, except for the creation of a playlist.
I can still export the playlist manually via the File/Export menu, but it doesn't work within an action... even when I create an action with only the 'export'-line and no other actions included.
Did something change according to actions in v2.89?
Thanks in advance.

I think that the problem of the OP was the use of an invalid syntax.
You can test your syntax with the function Convert>Tag-Tag
i just tried your longish expression for a single file and got the filename
Tekknos (2002) - Ritmo.m3u8
which looks ok to me.

Yes, sorry, not exactly the same problem, because my syntax works fine when used via File/Export, but not when called by an action... I don't understand what the problem with that could be.
Any idea? Or should I start a new topic?

Yes, please, perhaps "Generate playlist via action fails"

OK, I'll do that.
Thanks for your help.